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Why and When the Types of Paper for Printing Matter

Posted by Tom Hallissey on Jan 22, 2020 11:14:31 AM

types of paper for printing

In the business world, your printed materials are sometimes the first impression you make on a potential customer. Using the right types of paper for printing can help you put your best foot forward. To make your job easier, Shore Office Systems breaks down what every office manager needs to know.

What to Look when Picking Paper Stocks

While it may seem trivial, picking paper stock is an important business decision. As you weigh the pros and cons of the major types of paper for printing, consider these four key qualities found in paper stock.

  • High opacity, which allows for heavier ink coverage
  • High brightness, which makes inks more vivid
  • High thickness, which offers stability
  • Smooth surface, which quickly absorbs inks and minimizes ink blots and other imperfections

Why Types of Paper for Printing Matter

The type of paper stock you use is one of the things that contributes to the impression your company makes on potential customers.

Although it may seem superficial, some people equate the quality of marketing materials with the quality of the company that produces them.

The right choice of printing paper for the job is likely to create a positive impression with all those who receive them. On the other hand, a misguided choice of paper product is something that can quickly create a bad impression, leading to lost business opportunities.

An employee uses one of many types of paper for printing.

How to Know When to Use What Type of Paper

The best types of paper for printing can depend on multiple factors, such as how the paper is being used and what machine it is being printed on. And, each type of paper used can provide businesses with different benefits.


  • Recommended machines: copy machines and plain paper faxes
  • Common uses: faxes, drafts, printing emails
  • Benefits: resistant to paper jams, most economical, works in most copiers


  • Recommended machines: inkjet/laser printers and copiers
  • Common uses: proposals, presentations, double-sided printing, client documents
  • Benefits: heavier, most versatile, smoother finish, less “showthrough,” works in most machines


  • Recommended machines: color/laser, inkjet/laser printers
  • Common uses: flyers, double-sided printing, presentations
  • Benefits: heaviest, smoothest finish, best-looking color, does not usually allow “showthrough”

Many types of paper for printing sitting on a desk.

The Right Choice in Paper Makes all the Difference

Whether you are mailing postcards or printing internal emails, it’s worthwhile to take the time to select the right types of paper for printing. The right choice will help you to create the right impression every time.

Shore OS has been providing office solutions, like copiers, printers and faxes, since 1974. We sell and lease state-of-art business machines to companies from Manhattan to Montauk. If your company regularly prints marketing or other materials, consider buying or leasing one of our top-of-the-line office machines.

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